Check out what reviewer’s have to say about iSpeak Cloud:

“Jeanne is a recognized expert in enterprise infrastructure, and offers practical advice to enterprises seeking to adopt cloud computing and software-as-a-service.  As a long-time advocate of enterprise interests (as opposed to vendors) her advice is impartial and hard-nosed.  It is also refreshingly free of hyperbole and advocates a rational approach to cloud that does not require a leap of faith.” -Simon Crosby, CTO & Founder Bromium

“Cloud is the new and ubiquitous term known to both IT and the business. The question is how does one implement cloud without a clear understanding of what it is, what it can offer and the risks versus benefits? Any number of technology firms will help you cloud enable your business. However iSpeak Cloud offers a direct view into how a cloud solution should be deployed within a common organization, including members who are new to cloud and those who are not.”— Chris Armstrong, Enterprise Architect

“iSpeakCloud is an engaging and useful book that takes you into a real-world executive workshop in a large organization trying to get a handle on its cloud computing strategy.
Rather than treat this subject as another academic  dissertation, the author deftly negotiates the line between informing and entertaining. In the end, as a reader I felt like I was a fly on the wall in a meeting room on the top floor – an environment I know all too well. The accuracy of the writing is almost uncanny. This is clearly a voice of great experience.

Through the form of a scripted activity-based discussion, iSpeakCloud almost reads like a movie, which makes it very accessible to many different readers. This also ensures it does not represent just one perspective, but rather builds a  discussion that is truly representative of multiple stakeholders – CIO, CFO, COO, Product, Legal, engineering, operations, security, and more. There really is something – and someone – for everyone in this book.

It is a refreshing approach that really works. While not without humor, this is a serious business workshop,  which sticks to the topic at hand, but remains a joy to read – smooth, always on point, and never too complex, even when describing complex concepts like hybrid cloud, cash flow, DevOps, or depreciation. Speaking of which, iSpeakCloud may be worth buying for the extensive glossy alone!

Overall this is an incredibly usable book, with many practical examples, transformational ideas, and actionable lessons. iSpeakCloud is an ideal basis for any leader looking to build out a business-centric cloud computing strategy.” - Andi Mann, VP Cloud Strategy


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