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“iSpeak Cloud: Crossing the Cloud Chasm”, July 2014, Coolmody LLC (Jeanne Morain with contributions from Brian Cinque, Christopher Armstrong, Paul Peissner)

iSpeak Cloud: Crossing the Cloud Chasm uses a creative workshop approach to enable Enterprise IT to create a cohesive cloud strategy for reigning in Cloud Stall & Sprawl.  Join Universal Kingdon Financial Services as they struggle through solving the many challenges presented in today’s IT on their overall journey to taming the Hybrid Cloud Hydra.

“Yet another amazing book put out by Jeanne Morain! The hard work and years of experience will help people as they start or continue down the cloud journey. 5 Stars to Jeanne and her books – go get them now!” – Brian Cinque

“Jeanne is a recognized expert in enterprise infrastructure, and offers practical advice to enterprises seeking to adopt cloud computing and software-as-a-service.  As a long-time advocate of enterprise interests (as opposed to vendors) her advice is impartial and hard-nosed.  It is also refreshingly free of hyperbole and advocates a rational approach to cloud that does not require a leap of faith.”— Simon Crosby, CTO & Founder Bromium

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“Client4Cloud”, 2012, Coolmody, LLC (Jeanne Morain with contributions from Simon  Crosby and David Greschler)

Client4Cloud is the first and a unique book  that covers universal clients, the next step in application and desktop delivery. Jeanne Morain succeeded in creating a valuable must-read for IT professionals who are in the process of investigate end-user computing concepts and solutions. This book is the shortcut guide to user-centric computing.

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“Visible Ops Private Cloud “, 2011, IT Process Institute  (Jeanne Morain, Andi Mann and Kurt Milne)

Visible Ops Private Cloud presents a four-phase approach for managing the development and rollout of a private cloud. It was written with and created for enterprise IT executives and datacenter managers who are responsible for the success of private cloud initiatives.

“The Visible Ops Private Cloud handbook both identifies and navigates through the obstacles to implementing a private cloud within the enterprise. It contains a compilation of best practices from top-performing IT organizations that will benefit anyone on their journey to the private cloud.” – Joel Kehle, Cloud Architect, Qualcomm

It is a tour de force description on how to get there.” – Charles Babcock, Editor-at-large, Information Week

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“iSpeak Cloud: Crossing the Cloud Chasm” - BrightTalk – January 2015 with Muneer Mubashir (HP), James Burdick (Avnet), Alex Ryals (Avnet)

“iSpeak Cloud: Evolutions of Service Management” – 2013 – Jeanne Morain

“Is Hybrid Cloud the Winner” – Oct 2013 – Christian Teeft (Latisys), Kong Yang (Gravitant), Max Cooter (Cloud Pro)

“Taking Virtualization to Private Cloud” – BrightTalk 2012 – Voted Top 2 Webinar for 2012 for IT Infrastructure – Jeff James (Windows IT News), Kong Yang (Dell), Jeanne Morain



“The next big opportunity in the cloud: Licensing as a Service”, Cloud Commons 2012

“The licence implications of practising cloud bursting” by Jeanne Morain, Cloud Pro, May 06, 2011,

“Cloud Bursting: Understanding the Compliance Risks” by Jeanne Morain, Cloud Computing 365, May 23, 2011

“Ten Steps for Transforming Desktops to Universal Clients for the Cloud” by Jeanne Morain, Tech Republic, November 28, 2011

“Client Clash in the Cloud” – Prescriptive Guidance from Client4Cloud: Desktop Transformation to Dynamic Universal Clients by Jeanne Morain, Cloud Commons, December 5, 2011

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