iSpeak Cloud: Crossing the Cloud Chasm takes the reader through a realistic journey that many companies face when creating their overall cloud strategy. Join the executive team at Universal Kingdom as they apply best practices, lessons learned and practical intuition in overcoming many of the challenges faced in creating a cohesive cloud strategy. iSpeak Cloud is unique in that it takes the perspective across functional roles based on real world interviews to enable the reader to identify with real life challenges and best practices for overcoming them to cross the “chasm” between business and technology. iSpeak Cloud will challenge some of the conventional IT thinking that has led to the current state of Cloud Stall and Sprawl within the traditional enterprise. It will help you identify how to properly build your business case and strategy to insure the “juice is worth the squeeze” for maximum benefit with less costs to the business. Many have raced to the cloud only to be disappointed when it was unable to deliver the key benefits at a cost that made sense for the business. This has led to Consumerization of IT, Shadow IT, and general distrust from the Business with their counterparts. How do you cross the “Cloud Chasm” to create a cohesive Cloud strategy between business and technology? Although each company’s journey will vary there will be certain challenges that impact nearly every customer out there. iSpeak Cloud highlights those challenges and best practice solutions for overcoming them based on over 100 interviews across functional roles from vendor to the customer. iSpeak Cloud enables the reader to transcend the gap between business and technology by walking them through a 3 Day Workshop that illustrates a typical day in the life of executives faced with creating a comprehensive cloud strategy. Join Charles the CIO of Universal Kingdom and Kayla Coletrain – his resident Cloud expert as they leverage templates and best practices that have been enhanced over 2 decades of implementation across small to large enterprise customers to address common challenges highlighted by interviewees. The step by step workshop enables you to envision key steps needed to cross the cloud chasm from addressing a cohesive DevOps, Agile, Costing, and Requirements gathering strategies. If you are looking to tame your Hybrid Cloud Hydra – look no further, iSpeak Cloud will enable you to identify challenges, address lessons learned and apply best practices to your Cohesive Cloud roadmap.

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Client4Cloud: Desktop Transformation to User Centric Universal Clients is a culmination of customer interviews, lessons learned and hands on experience in the overall transformation from static desktops to universal client4cloud. The content is intended to be broken up and consumed by IT for the parts and pieces they need to be successful.Each phase is intended to be mixed and matched for the decision makers, program managers and architects to consume needed.The content has been developed from and for users from the perspective of a human performance technologist.

The universal Client4Cloud series take previous lessons learned from implementing products that require interoperability across paradigms like Business Service Management (asset, service delivery, service support) and apply them to address identified gaps where the proverbial rubber meets the road – execution of the vision across N users, devices, networks, and markets.

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