Announcing iSpeak™ Series on BrightTalk Starting on July 21st at 9AM

On July 21st at 9AM we will be kicking off the first of a monthly series about industry trends and topics around IT on #BrightTalk.

The first topic in the series will be on Hidden Costs and Challenges of Cloud Computing that both the Business Leaders and Technologists need to take into consideration when building out Services on Cloud Infrastructures (Private, Public, or Hybrid).

Join Michael Mattal – leader in Avnet Amazon AWS Practice and Chris Armstrong – founder of TeKnow Consulting as they provide insights and best practices along with me around building a solid business case.  During the session we will explore key factors that contribute to the Hidden Costs and Challengs along with prescriptive guidance to address them.

Why attend?  Many of the companies I have worked with over the years end up with projects that overstate benefits and underestimate the costs – leaving IT to figure out how to keep the business running post project launch.  As Cloud Computing has become mainstream – it is no exception to this rule.  Implementing services on a Cloud environment has been painted as if it is the easy button and will solve world hunger.  Seasoned IT professionals know that regardless of who is hosting the hardware – best practices around services are still required to be successful. In the zealous rush to the Cloud many times these best practices have been overlooked leading to both Cloud Sprawl but also hidden costs and risks to the company.

The average number of unknown Cloud Applications from IT ranged between 164 and 300 applications in our research for iSpeak ™ Cloud.  How do you protect your company from hidden risks and have a seat at the table? iSpeak™ Cloud provides best practices and insights from key contributors like Michael and Chris that have been there, done that, and actively work to address these challenges,


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