iSpeak Cloud: Crossing the Cloud Chasm Available on Amazon

iSpeak Cloud: Crossing the Cloud Chasm is about the journey that many companies have to make to reign in the Hybrid Cloud Hydra and regain control over the Cloud Sprawl and Stall that many companies face today.

For the last 2 years I have interviewed several people in different roles at companies that varied from Software as a Service Solution Providers to Enterprise IT Executives and Employees.  There is an obvious gap between where many vendors/analyst say the status of the Cloud is and reality for many organizations.  They speak of the Hybrid Cloud as if it is something to come in the next 2-5 years when in reality most organizations have some form of Hybrid Cloud implementation already in place.

Many companies struggle with balancing agility, time to value, and security with their overall implementation of cloud based solutions.  My new book provides a recipe for success in building out a cohesive cloud strategy to reign in Cloud Sprawl and Stall and harness the power and savings a cohesive cloud strategy can create.

Each day of the 3 day workshop represents best practices that have been implemented and vetted for addressing key strategies and initiatives in today’s IT world from DevOps, Agile, and New Costing Models Cloud Computing.  The later being critical because the cloud is the gift that keeps giving.  For many enterprise business leaders and financial officers it is eye opening to see how this new paradigm shift significantly impacts not only cost savings but compliance to key business, regulatory, and security initiatives.

iSpeak Cloud, Crossing the Cloud Chasm puts you the reader into the heart of discussions that many executives need to make across the company from IT, CFO, and the Business.  For readers interested in any of the templates used or referenced – please send us an email request.

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