Start Cloud Journey with People, Processes, and Technology

Many companies struggle with where to start on their journey to the Cloud. In fact, many we interviewed for Visible Ops Private Cloud and Client4Cloud struggled with trying to figure out the best way to move to cloud or user centric computing model. In today’s technology-dependent age it is difficult to migrate all systems all at once without upsetting the balance required to maintain business agility and efficiency.

This is why the more successful implementers took a different approach.

1) Create role of Product Manager – Product managers in IT serve the same role and purpose as the product manager in the traditional vendor setting. These individuals are the leaders of the group that take into account market, customer (consumers of the service), and business impact of adopting technology. These individuals need to be able to create a succinct strategy, obtain buy in from key stakeholders and effectively communicate with their customers and the organization as whole.

Ideal Traits:

  •  Self StarterEffective product managers are those that look for solutions to problems and lead to garner support.  They do not wait but initiate ideas, strategies and work to identify gaps.
  • Good Communicator – Product managers should be comfortable in all forms of communication – written, oral, and social.  Ideally they can write frequently asked questions, create presentations, and be able to provide vehicles to communicate out.
  • Responsible – Product managers have to be responsible for their products – just like a parent does a child.  These individuals need to insure that even if other areas in the process fail – they are willing to go the distance to insure the needs of their product are met in a timely fashion to avoid impact to the business and users.
  • Planner – Product managers need to have foresight to understand where technology is going, identify requirements from the business, and able to create the plan.  Remember vision without execution is hallucination.

2) Take a Service and User Centric Approach – Digital native workforce will demand (require) that IT rethink their strategy from system to user centric.  Shadow IT and Consumerization of IT are just symptoms of the larger issues to come if IT does not change their approach.  It is the marriage of the service to the users and back end systems that will determine how successful implementations will be from Client to Cloud.  For more information about Creating a Service Portfolio or User Centric approach please refer to:  Visible Ops Private Cloud (Service Centric) or Client4Cloud (User Centric)

3) Crawl, Walk, Run -  Rather then diving into the latest and greatest it is critical to initiate a succinct pilot that involves key stakeholders (not just IT but from Business, Audit, Security, and End users) to understand and mitigate risks takes place.  Typically the more successful companies will spend more time in planning and less in execution.  The product manager should be responsible and accountable for insuring that the plan from inception to end of life for their products is created.  This includes any betas, user acceptance and pulling in key stakeholders.

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