Client4Cloud Print Copy Coming…and More

Client4Cloud: New Markets, Viewpoints, and Requirements

Embrace the Shift: From Machines & Systems to Users and Services
Client4Cloud is all about the 4 vectors in our world that are converging and the binding of those layers:

1) Users & Devices
2) Apps & Data
3) Management
4) Cloud (infrastructure)

Binding Layers
Within each layer of the stack there are parallel process, skills, and technology that needs to be in place to bind each layer together. Similar to how eggs can bind the layers of a cake either as part of the frosting or the actually cake itself.

These binding layers in their own right will create new market opportunities and challenges across Software Producers, Enterprise, Cloud Providers and Service Brokers (aka managed service providers) to fill the gaps.

What are some of the binding layers that need to be addressed and why?

  • Licensing as a Service – automating the license tracking, usage, and authorization across cloud service providers, cloud service brokers, software producers and enterprise customers across heterogeneous clouds, environments, and models. The electronic “postal service” for the Cloud.
  • Transformation Automation from Client to Cloud – Planning, Migration, Orchestration and Analysis to enable visibility, clarity and control in identifying, on boarding and maintaining a bifurcated systems during the transition from current to App/User centric paradigm.
  • Process Transformation & Automation – convergence requires shifting current legacy product and technology thinking to Users and Services they are consuming. As an industry we will have to rethink how we package, create, price, and deliver “Services Not Systems (ITPI 2011) across Users, Apps, and Data.

Client4Cloud will be available in Print This Spring 2012!

The first book in the Client4Cloud series focuses on process automation and best practices for shifting from a machine centric to a user centric approach. The print copy will be available by April and electronic copy is currently available on  


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