Client4Cloud Unveiled this week on Cloud Commons & at Upcon 2011

I am very pleased to announce after nearly 2 years in the making – Client4Cloud: Desktop Transformation to Universal Clients will be officially launched this week.  First on Cloud Commons on December 5th and on December 7, 2011 at Upcon (Clash in Cloud Presentation).  Or you can read the highlights in the recent Tech Republic Article 10 Steps for Transforming Desktops to Universal Clients for the Cloud.

Key Objective:
Recipe for successful desktop transformation to universal clients for the cloud based on prescriptive guidance and lessons learned from leading industry and customer experts.

Consumerization of IT, the new generation of digital native users, looming regulations and a more global/mobile workforce have created considerable risks and challenges for companies today.  Early attempts at balancing growing user requests and business directives through client virtualization resulted in failed projects and dissonance amongst very talented architects, developers and visionaries. In short, with any new markets many of us didn’t know what we thought we knew but have learned quite a bit along the way.

Although many would love to give up – the requirements that led them to consider client virtualization in more nascent forms have not gone away. The increased adoption of productivity technologies, occurrences of cyber security attacks and overall risk to the company have created a proverbial client clash in the cloud between users and IT.   The need to have a cohesive strategy to create universal clients (apps and data that follow the user) will become even more prevalent as users adopt consumer technology like Apple iCloud and Amazon Kindle that enable them to do that across various devices (PC, Tablet, Smartphone, Reader).

The technology has come quite a way across client, server, and user virtualization. However, clarity around people and processes required to create the larger cohesive roll out from client to cloud has been cloudy at best. To be successful in their desktop transformation efforts companies need to have a strategy that spans from the cloud (infrastructure) to the client (end users) which takes into account environment (context/tasks).

Having deployed thousands of applications to millions of users across both physical and virtual paradigms over the last two decades – it was plain to see that something was remiss between the vision and implementation reality.  In short, in order for desktop transformation to universal clients to truly be successful – a new approach is needed.  From inception we have to shift from a machine centric to a user centric model.  Client4Cloud provides prescriptive guidance for customers to map their journey based on their needs (business, users, and context).

Uniquely Unbiased Research:
What makes Client4Cloud unique is the unbiased perspective for customers by customers across both bleeding and leading edge with validation from early industry pioneers.  All research was independent of any company, products, or other agendas that could cloud the conversation or outcomes.  Objectivity was achieved only through validation and feedback from pioneers representing all major players in client virtualization from the application to the desktop (Citrix, Microsoft, VMware) and upcoming areas around the user (AppSense, Liquidware Labs).  Input was provided from individuals such as Simon Crosby – Bromium founder and former CTO Citrix; Barb Goldworm – Focus Founder and formerly of Novell; David Greschler –Founder Papershare formerly of Microsoft/Softricity; Andi Mann – VP Cloud for CA and former EMA Analyst; Dmitry Shkliarvesky – VP Pro Services AppSense and formerly at VMware/BMC/Marimba; Tyler Rohrer – Founder Liquidware Labs/ and formerly of VMware/Foedus; Ruben Spruijt – CTO PQR and blogger;  and a host of others that defined this space from inception to implementation over the last decade plus.

My colleagues and I hope that you enjoy the first in the four book series and that the unique user perspective enables you to adjust your strategy where needed to achieve desired results based on your business.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

Happy Holidays!

Jeanne Morain & Client4Cloud Team

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